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Grammar in CC Foundations?!?

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Hello WTM Friends!


I'm curious for those of you who are a part of Classical Conversations and have kiddos in Foundations - do you use a Grammar curriculum in addition to the core memory work?  


After attending a CC Practicum this year, my dear friend was led to believe she has fallen behind by not including a Grammar curriculum in addition to her core CC memory work and phonics curriculum.  She has 2 kids in Foundations.  Her oldest is about to enter 3rd grade.  We both are about to start our 3rd year with CC and were always under the impression that at this age, we really only need to teach Math and Phonics in addition to the Core Memory Work.  


Did she and I miss the boat on this somehow?  If we do not include a Grammar curriculum in our weekly routine, will we be ill prepared for Essentials?  


Thanks so much for you help and input!

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You don't NEED any specific grammar.  I actually think the Foundations English work leads you very nicely into the Essentials program.  I did work with my daughter on some Key Word Outlines and VERY basic IEW techniques using IEW's Bible Heroes book, simply because she is NOT a writer...at ALL lol, and I didn't want her to struggle too much, but I don't think it was necessary, just a nice added benefit :)

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