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Just a little brag :)


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My DD7 has always excelled in math and logic type activities from an early age and is easily 3 years ahead in these areas with the work still being way too easy for her. On the other hand language arts has been torture for us both since day 1. She could not get the concept of rhyming, it took us nearly a year for her to be able to correctly identify the sound at the beginning of a word and phonics and reading instruction has been a long, hard road. Well in the last 2 weeks she has started reading for pleasure :hurray: i cannot tell you how amazed and proud i am that she has finally been able to pick up a book and enjoy reading it. Not only that, she is currently half way through second grade and the books she is reading for pleasure are 4th grade reading level :ohmy: :ohmy: :ohmy: 2 weeks ago i would have said she was reading on a 1st grade level and now she is reading 4th grade books :laugh: I have always hoped that reading would finally "click" for her, she is so bright and it has been hard on her with her reading being so far below her other skills and yay, it looks like finally it has happened. So. Damn. Happy.

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