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Question about Dianne Craft Materials

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So, we finally took the plunge and bought the Brain Integration Therapy Manual, Right Brain Phonics Program, Right Brain Phonics Cards, and Right Brain Sight Words cards for my ds who is a '3rd' grader (reading at about an early 1st grade level, doing TT3 but really struggling with math facts). We waited because everybody told us to give him time and we did (and very glad we did.. I hope this doesn't sound like we have regrets because we have NONE. He has matured so much these few years and is really ready to get going on this) He is 9 1/2 now (will be 10 in October) 

My books should be here tomorrow (YAY!!!) but looking on the website at her lesson plans, it all looks SO overwhelming. Any tips on putting this all together? I hope to start next week but not sure if I will have enough time over the weekend to really look this over and figure it all out.  Is it as overwhelming at it looks?

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I.LOVE.THIS!!!!! LOVE!!!! We have only started the lazy 8's so far. We are going to add in 1 new activity every 2 weeks so it doesn't overwhelm him (and me LOL)  But even just doing those for nearly 2 weeks, I am seeing it help with his reversals!!! (not all, but its early) LOVE this. It just makes so much sense!! Any specific questions?? I have read the manual 2x and plan to again :) Just to make sure i know what i am doing LOL.

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I have been stalking this post, looking for an update! Thank you for updating. I'm so excited for you that it is working well!  :hurray:


I do have a few questions. DS8 has what I guess Dianne would call a "Writing Block" and reversals. Handwriting is not automatic. I was thinking to definitely get the Brain Integration Manual, should I get one (or more) of the videos, as well? Are there a ton of exercises that will need to get done? For the writing 8 exercises, I understand you can write letters as part of it. Are numbers also part of it as well? DS has a good grasp on the concepts of math, but can't write them down to save his life. I'd just like him to be able to get *something* on paper. 


I was also thinking of doing this with DS5, as a beginning handwriting program. Would that be crazy talk, or something that just might work? 


Again, I'm so glad that it's starting to help your son!

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