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Advice on Latin and composition for 3rd and 6th


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I am having a baby in September (!), so I'm trying to simplify and streamline next year as much as possible. Other than Latin and composition, I'm happy with everything we do and feel that I can make it work around/with the new baby.


I'm thinking of doing Lively Latin with my rising 3rd grader. I don't start composition until 4th grade, so that 's not an issue for him.


My real conundrum is with my rising 6th grader. We did Classical Writing Aesop and enjoyed that last year. We use Rod and Staff for grammar, rather than the grammar component of CW. This year we began CW Homer and we both hate it. The workbooks are tediously repetitious, and I don't think I'll have time to implement the program with our own materials rather than with the workbooks next year. Does anyone have suggestions for a good/rigorous writing program that I can manage?


Also, Latin for 6th grade - we will finish Latina Christiana 2 this summer. I am finding that he knows more than me :) so I need to figure out the best way to teach him next year. Henle? Latin Book 1? Stretching out LC2 to last through 6th grade? Any suggestions would be welcome!


Thank you!


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I don't know anything about Classical Writing, so I don't know how it compares with what I am going to suggest, but we use IEW for writing. You could get the SWI-B and just have him watch the DVDs and do the assignments on his own. I do have the TWSS, but you wouldn't *have* to. Also, we moved into Latin in the Christian Trivium after completing LCII. My ds is better than I am at Latin, too, but I do try to keep up with him. We do Latin together for 30 minutes a day. I do the exercises, too. Not sure if you have time in your schedule. He could definitely do it on his own, but I am trying to keep up "enough" if you kwim.



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