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Just got a call from my surgeon ...


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He said the edges were clean and he was able to get all the cancer.  I won't have to undergo any more surgery (at least not at this time).  Apparently he had to take 19 lymph nodes besides the lump.  


:) :) :)

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Clear margins!  :hurray:   Will they want you to do more chemo? Have physicans / nurses talked to you about lymph massage to avoid swelling of the arm(s)? If not, you can check on lymph massage online.


Even better, see if your doctor will prescribe some lymph massage treatments. Part of the chemo drugs I took caused me to retain tons of water. They call it the Michelin Man syndrome...and it was especially bad in the arm where lymph nodes had been take out. My doc sent me to a lymph massage speciallists for several sessions. Lovely...especially after months of treatment where someone was always poking, prodding, squishing, or administering drugs that made me feel like an unstuffed teddy bear. Massage was so soothing...and it helped.


I also found that swimming is a dandy way to help fluid get out of your legs and arms.  


Love your clear margins news!

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