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I was having so much trouble using my computer on this forum.

 I could not use any paragraph breaks


copy and paste

or edit

 or any smiley faces.

then my computer stopped connecting to the internet altogether :confused1: :confused1:


 In desperation I fired up the ancient computer that goes ... so... slow


I found out that it was a problem with the proxy server. and once I disconnected it then my computer works on this forum again.

 so I am celebrating with some smiley faces :hurray: :hurray: :lurk5: :lurk5:




Oh smiley faces how I love you :001_wub:

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Hi Melissa

I love your post.

It looks like a poem.

It cheered my evening.


And I must surely not the only one who read it to herself in a 'poetry voice' and was inclined to search for deeper meaning in the words!

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