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How to take a child out of NYS public school who has a 504 Plan???

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My friend is considering homeschooling her daughter who is currently in public school (New York State) with a 504 Plan. She receives speech therapy, etc.  Her mother would still want her to receive these services while homeschooling. Is that possible?? How does a 504 Plan affect homeschooling? 


I would love to hear from anyone who has experience with this.


Also, any links are appreciated! 


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I homeschool in NYS. Yes - I believe that homeschoolers with IEPs can continue to get services through the schools. I would recommend that your friend join the NYHEN Yahoo support group - it's a great place to learn the ins and outs of the NYS homeschooling regs.


From their website:



Subscribe by sending a blank email to NYHEN-Support-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
If you have questions about homeschooling in New York, and especially if you're a new homeschooler, NYHEN-Support is the place to find out what you need to know. We have made sure that there are various experienced New York homeschoolers available to answer your questions about complying with the state regulations, filling out required paperwork, dealing with school districts, useful homeschooling resources in New York, etc. Once you've subscribed to the list, you can look at samples of the paperwork that families submit to their school districts by looking in the list's Files area at the Yahoo Groups website (requires a free Yahoo Groups ID).

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See, my friend says her daughter does not have an IEP, but does have a 504 Plan. But she receives speech therapy, etc, so I'm wondering if the school is just informally throwing on some services rather than planning and documenting them with an IEP...  ??  So that makes it even more confusing as to how to go about pulling her out to homeschool.  It almost seems to me like the mom should request an IEP if she wants her daughter to continue to receive services as a homeschooler.

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In general, a student would have to have an IEP to get speech services. That is where the goals and objectives for the speech services would be spelled out. In many places, there is a negitive stigma to a child having an IEP. The child may very well have an IEP for "speech only" and a 504 plan for some other needs and the mother either does not understand, or does not want people to know that her kid has an IEP.

In most states, the school would not get any funding for the speech if there is no IEP.

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We currently live in upstate NY & agree with pp who mentioned joining NYHEN. She should be able to get great advice from that group. :001_smile: My youngest dd (age 9) has an IEP & receives speech therapy through the local school district. She never attended public school but was able to get tested & receive services. I have no experience w/ 504 Plan but do know that as a homeschooler you are are able to request testing, have an IEP & receive services. Best of luck to her.

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