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Homeschooling with 504 Plan in NY?

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My friend has a daughter in public school (New York State) who has a 504 Plan. She receives some services like speech therapy, etc, through the school. My friend is considering homeschooling her daughter but she still wants to receive those services through the school. Is that possible?? She says her daughter does not have an IEP.


I'm confused because everything I read about 504 is that it makes sure kids receive extra care they need like wheelchair assistance, nursing care like diabetes help, administering meds, etc. Of course, none of these would be an issue with homeschooling. So does a 504 affect homeschooling at all?? I'm so confused. 


Please answer if it applies to *New York State*.


Links are appreciated as well!



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The 504 plan will not effect homeschooling as it is a public school document. Parents make their own adjustments to education based on the special needs of the child.


http://www.leah.org/parents-instructing-challenged-children/picc-faqs/ - this site has a 2014 date at the bottom. The information given is dated earlier but states that children can receive services. It looks to have some good info for homeschooling children with special needs in NY.


When we were getting ps services for my son they did write an IEP but only as it pertained to the services. There were no educational goals. We did put him into school for a few years and he had a full IEP. When we pulled him out the IEP just stayed in his file - we don't have to have any type of working IEP for him. We are not in NY but I'd imagine it works this way for others. As a side note - we do have our own IEP type goals we've made ourselves but we're not required to.

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