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Looking for Easy Grammar Plus schedule?

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We did two pages a day and finished the whole book in the year.  Of course there were pages of review that we skipped, especially if my son did well on the exercises.  For instance, if there were two pages of marking a particular part of speech and my son got a perfect score, we didn't see any need to do a whole other page of the same type of exercise.  The same went for some of the cumulative reviews.  Sometimes we skipped those if I knew my son was prepared to move on straight to the test.  My gut was always right!  We really enjoyed Easy Grammar Plus and are now looking forward to the Ultimate books. 


Dee :)


ps  On the month of November and beginning December, we finished whatever unit we were on and worked on Capitalization.  And sometime later we did the same thing and worked on the punctuation unit.  So those units weren't in order, but we figured it was better to work on those skills than to start a unit of Pronouns or such, which would be forgotten after a long two or three week break. 


Hope this helps to give you an idea of how we made it work for us. 

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Thanks.  I just asked them if I should just say complete 2 pages on my plans...that would save me a whole lot of headaches in trying to plan it out!  And allow them flexibility to not have to repeat stuff they know....or take more time on harder topics.   I hope I can keep them moving forward without specific plans, but based on my frustration with planning it, I think that may be the best route!  I like the idea for capit & punc, too!

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