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Memoria Press online Latin instructors -- any feedback/suggestions


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We are considering enrolling our son in Memoria Press' online First Form Latin class for next year.  Does anyone have any recommendations for teachers, or feedback/suggestions to us in choosing a section and instructor?  This is really important to us, as it will be our son's first online class.  He also does best with written material, and has a little more difficulty with information presented orally.  So we are looking for a teacher who is not a quick/loud talker or encourages a classroom with a great deal of commotion.


The sections we are looking at primarily list Paul Cable and Catherine Tinnis, but any feedback on instructors' styles and the First Form online class in general (at Memoria) would be very much appreciated!

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My 5th grader, with no-one in the family having any prior experience in Latin, signed up for First Form Latin 1 online last fall.  He managed to hang on to it for about 3-4 months and then he found that the course was moving faster than he could process given his other coursework.  We ended up dropping the course and restarting with Prima Latina and DVD lessons which let him progress at his own pace.  This has worked much better, and we hope to do Latina Christina 1-2 in the same fashion this year. 


I have to say that I was not impressed with the MP online course..it seemed like there was about 20 students and the teacher just went through the material w/ minimal checking to see if everyone was getting the content.  Yes, audio feedback was possible and questions were occasionally asked, but my son didn't really feel that he got any help or that the teacher even noticed when he fell behind.  

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