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Quick question: Prismacolor Art Stix, opinions?

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I think these would be great for large areas of color but I'm not sure if they are worth the price, Jerry's Artarama is having an awesome sale on Prismacolor this month and we need to replenish our supply of colored pencils. Dd is realizing the difference now of good pencils and how to properly use them.


Would you get the 48 piece set or a smaller set of the Art Stix?


As soon as I figure out how much the order will be, I can consult with dd's dad to acquire the funds. Lol.

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Hi, Jessica!

We have a few of the Art Stix and the kids really like them. They have lasted for quite some time and I truly think they are worth the price. My youngest prefers them to the colored pencil set. I was so glad to have found Prismacolor products last year due to my boys' love of drawing! I actually gave all of their crayola supplies to the Co-op we were in last year. Hope this helps! :)


Also, thanks for your response to my art post! I am going to check out AP right now! ;)

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The kids enjoy using them for coloring skies, grass, etc. We've had them for over 2 years, and they look like they'll last for at least another two.


If you had to get a smaller set of colors, you can still (kinda) create additional colors by blending. However, the blending of the Art Stix probably won't be as smooth as the regular Prismacolor pencils. Our set of 12 comes with a nice sky blue and a darker, almost violet blue; so, they've been satisfied using those for their skies.



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We're so excited! Okay, I ordered from CheapJoes.com and JerrysArtarama.com


Jerry's has field guides on sale for $17.99 that hold your sketch book and art supplies. Sketch Folios.


I also got watercolor pencils at Jerry's instead of Cheap Joe's



Everything was cheaper than Jerry's but they didn't have the Sketch Folios there.


Prismacolor Pencil 72 set- $65

We got the 24 set of Art Stix

and sketch boards we'll need for Drawing With Children.


Given how long these items will last, I think we did great for $160. I couldn't find discount codes for either places, I think it's because a lot of their items are on sale until 2/29.


Now that we have the Prismacolor Pencil 72 set, we'll just purchase the individual pencils when we need to replenish. So much more cheaper! I think the Art Stix will be a hit with the kids and I'm putting these on their Christmas lists.


THank you all for your help! Dd's dad took care of the bill, I love it when that happens ;)

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