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Classical Rhetoric (Memoria Press)

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Okay, how about the other recommendations from TWTM, like A Rulebook for Arguments?  Can anyone comment on that?


This year we used The Workbook for Arguments. It's basically an expanded version of the rulebook (published after the last wtm). We enjoyed it. It's accessible to high schoolers, uses real source material and gives references for those sources. It's more argumentation than digging deep into ancient rhetoric.


I started an older version of MP Rhetoric. I have no idea if the course has changed, but one challenge I had was that you were to pull info from Aristotle and restate it, yet there wasn't a lot of breaking down the actual words into something more approachable for those unfamiliar with Aristotle. Granted, I didn't get far into and it still sits on my to-do list, but I found myself finding the correct info, but not really understanding it. I don't have the DVDs either. 

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