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How to teach literature?


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What do y'all do for reading for the kids who know how to read?  I know in public school, they read excerpts and answer comprehenshion questions.  Or they discuss an author's purpose or the plot to the point where kids don't even always enjoy reading anymore.  I do not want to do that.  But I do want to make sure they know what they need to know when they get to high school and college.  They are going to be in 2nd and 4th grade next year and both read very well.  My younger prefers reading kid's encyclopedias and the older is reading novels more often.  I am doing Story of the World and will be in Medieval time period next year.  I thought about having them read books from the same genre at the same time but at their individual reading level and just talking about a different element of each genre and maybe doing the occassional narration or just asking them what they are reading.  But is that enough?  I also was going to add in some books tying in to our history period.  Any suggestions?

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Sounds good to me! I'd make sure there are also plenty of really good books that aren't necessarily attached to anything else they're doing.


We have never done a reading program beyond learning how to read. All those comp questions and book reports have their place when you have to make sure 20-30 kids really read it, but they're overkill for just one kid IMO.


For those ages mine would have a particular shelf stocked with high quality children's literature and be asked to read from it for a developmentally appropriate amount of time daily. Most of the books are around their reading skill level, some are easier and some are harder. They get to choose which one to read from that shelf.


After they've read it I discuss it with them. That's it. What happened? Why did he do that? What would you have done? And such.


You might read Deconstructing Penguins yourself for ideas on literary conversations with young kids. Or I think SWB has an article with suggestions.

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I just continue to read aloud and surround them with great books. It could be fun to occasionally get a guide for a book, but certainly not every thing read.


Deconstructing Penguins is a good read. I like Arrow guides for literary elements.


You can easily do an online search for a book and get various different ideas...questions, projects, writing activities. Just mix it up and have fun with it.


Here's some ideas Googled for Cheaper By the Dozen (pulled from Boscopup's read aloud! )








I haven't used any of these websites. But I posted them because all I did was Google "Cheaper by the Dozen literature" and these were a few choices that came up.


You can probably find all kinds of activities, lesson ideas, questions, and so on to fit your likes and needs.

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