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4th Grade literature SOTW Volume 2


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I am going to be doing SOTW 2 with my 2nd and 4th grade girls next year.  It is easy to find literature for a 2nd grader because that is typically when one would be in that year.  I have found Classical House of LIterature to use with her.  I may not use every day's narration page though, as I think she would become frustrated.  However, I am having trouble finding some history based literature for my 4th grader.  Does anyone have suggestions for 4th grade or 5th grade level books for this year in history?  And did you do special questions or anything to go with them, or just have them read and discuss?


Thanks in advance!!!

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Door in the Wall

From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs Basil E Frankweiler

Apple and the Arrrow

To read himself, maybe graphic novels of plays by Shakespeare

Diane Stanley has many biographies from this era.

King Arthur and Robin Hood. I may read some of these aloud or get Jim Weiss audios, haven't decided yet :)

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The pp has given good suggestions. we also did

Good queen bess

A proud taste for scarlet and miniver- about queen Eleanor

Mary Bloody Mary- you may need to pre read

Adam of the road

Castle diary of Tobias burgess

The great and Terrible quest

Crispin and the cross of lead

Shakespeare stealer

Knights tale- these are good for 2nd -4 and has different title like sir Gawain the true etc

Marco polo's silk purse

Son of Charlemagne

Shen of the sea

Alfred the great

The minstrel in the tower.

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You should seriously consider buying the activity guide that goes with SOTW: Middle Ages.  There are tons of literature suggestions that cover all the age ranges you're dealing with. We just finished it this year.  There is also a section in each chapter for narration questions if your child needs prompting and you're having a hard time coming up with questions.  That's in addition to relevant hands on activities and art and a little geography.  The activity guides are well worth the investment. It's an entire unit study based on Story of the World at your finger tips.




This is another option categorized by Historical Era:




This one is organized by historical era and specifically reading level:



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You should also consider downloading or purchasing the quizzes and tests for this volume from Peace Hill Press. It is nice to check your child's comprehension and level of listening/following along. :)


We read: 

Adam of the Road

Robin Hood of Sherwood Forest (mcGovern)

The Story of King Arthur and his Knights (Pyle)

The Door in the Wall

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