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Staying busy while hanging out at the hospital


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I'm planning to accompany my good friend to her chemo appointments. She will be checking in to the hospital for 3 days at a time and returning every 3-4 weeks through the summer and fall. While I'll be helping to care for her and keeping up with the doc and nurses, I'll have down time as well. Of course, I'll be packing my favorite books, but could you recommend other ideas to stay quietly busy?


In addition, if you've been the one in the bed, what would you want your friend to be doing for you?


Thank you!

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Hand sewing quilt squares, learning to knit, listening to good music, having a mini-book club just the two of you, scrabble, boggle, 2 person Blokus, organizing a box of photos, foot soaks (you can make a peppermint foot scrub with just peppermint oil, coconut oil, and Epsom salts...some of the local hospitals here will allow you to do things like that...mini facials, etc. they just ask that you give them an ingredients list or the bottle if it's not homemade so they can check the contents and make sure it's nothing you should be avoiding, audio books, chick flicks, naps, hire the massage therapist for the hospital to come to the room and do massages (some cancer clinics have this service and some do not so you'll have to check),....things like that. You could even try to learn a new foreign language together using a tablet or laptop and software. 

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