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Is it too late for us to do BFSU (Vol 1) at my son's age?


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My son is in Grade 2 ½ (we school year-round; he’s almost age 8).   I just found Nebel’s “Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding: A Science Curriculum for K-2†and it looks right up our alley.  Is it too late (meaning: is he too old) for this book or should I just buy the next one for Volume 2: Grade 3 - 5?





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Cool!  I just ordered Science Matters from Amazon.



I cannot tell you how much this book changed my life, when I first read it, back about 2000. I also read a bit by Dr. Robinson of the Robinson Curriculum, and although I don't agree with everything he says about science, it further reduced my science stress and cemented my convictions to focus on the 3Rs and the BASIC science we USE and SEE everyday.


The author of Science Matters also gave the Joy of Science lectures. You can get the audio version for 1 credit. Depending  on the deals offered to you, you can sometimes get credits for free or for $7.95.


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