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Done with Shurley English 1-6. Now what?

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My daughter has completed Shurley English 1-6. She is going into 7th grade and now I'm not sure where to go from here. I know there is a Shurley 7, but it doesn't look like it is set up the same and I just don't know that she needs another year of the same.


Any suggestions? She is my oldest and next year will only be our 2nd year homeschooling. So I guess my real question is, now that she is going into middle school, what do we do now?


Thank You!

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We transitioned from Shurley English to Rod and Staff.  If you pick up with R & S 7, you'll see more complex sentences and many conventions not covered in Shurley.  Shurley will provide a great foundation and R & S will take your dc deeper and really provide excellent grammar instruction. 


While Shurley uses parsing, R & S has students diagram.  We still parse orally while we are diagramming the sentence.  There is a slight learning curve to figure out how to diagram different clauses and functions, but parsing will help and it's great to see the sentence laid out visually.  We were Shurley users (and cheerleaders) for years.  I still like Shurley, but I actually like R & S so much that I completely switched my youngers to the R & S series.  


There is another thread I just read on R & S 6 in which Colleen in NS discusses how her family uses R & S.  It's so similar to our approach, that I'll just link it here



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