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Canadians? Standardized tests?

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It is based in the US, but the computerized letsgolearn tests should be good if you just want to assess LA and math. They are especially good if your student is at different grade levels for different things or working above or behind grade level, they are computer adaptive.

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There is a company in Markham (canadian test centre) where you can buy the CAT3 and CTCS (IIRC), you administer them at home, and then send in the results. They score them and send you back a report. It is approx $75/child for both tests.


You fill out a form declaring you are a homeschooler and provide proof if you have such a thing. Here in Ontario we send a Notice of Intent to the school board and they send me a letter back saying thanks, your children are excused from school this year - we have used that letter as "proof".


It is a pretty painless process.


Just google canadian test centre markham ontario - can't figure out how to link from my silly phone.

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I've done all of mine through our umbrella school (school board). I was able to administer the CTBS & HLAT (grade 7&8) myself, and my younger children will be taking portions of the PATs (grade 3&6) at the school we're affiliated with. Though I'm not sure if this option is only open because we're registered with a public school board as our umbrella.

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