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Apologia Physics before Chemistry?

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Has anyone used Apologia Physics before Chemistry.


Apologia recommends Chemistry before Physics.


I would like to use Physics first as it is a requirement in our state (Chemistry is not).


We've completed both Algebra 1 and 2 and will be doing Geometry this year.

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Apologia's Chemistry course isn't a prerequisite for their Physics course.  The only prerequisites for Apologia Physics are math related (Algebra 1, Geometry, and basic Trig functions).  It usually comes after Chemistry because it has more math prerequisites than Chemistry.  Many students won't be ready for Physics math-wise until their senior year, which would mean skipping Chemistry if they hadn't already taken it.  Chemistry is a prerequisite for Advanced Biology so if he will be taking Advanced Biology that is something to take into consideration.  We waited until after Pre-Calculus (ds did Calculus and Physics at the same time) to do Physics.  It wasn't absolutely necessary to have that much math under his belt prior to Physics but I think it did make the course easier for him.  If you will be doing both, I would do Chemistry first so he could have as much math as possible completed prior to Physics.  That's my personal opinion ;)  Since Chemistry isn't a prerequisite for Physics, you could do Physics first.

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