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What is covered in RightStart E?

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Hi everyone,


I'm trying to decide which math curricula to buy.  I've gone through some of Saxon and Singapore with my 2 boys before trying out RightStart this year (levels B & D).  My oldest (ds9) was getting bored with level D, so I'm considering switching again to maybe Beast Academy or Mammoth Math.  He is liking the geometry drawing at the very end of D, though.  I'm wondering, can someone give me an idea of what is covered in RS Level E?  And how does it compare to Level G?  What grade level would you recommend for G?  Just trying to figure out what the best way to go is.  I need a math curriculum that doesn't take a lot of my time (so far RS has, but maybe it's less for E?) and is challenging for a bright 9 1/2-yr-old.  I'd appreciate any input for those of you who have E.  Thanks!



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I liked E because it took a lot less time for the teacher. I could teach the lesson in about 10 to 15 minutes and then my children practice with the worksheet.

I think E will teach a child everything they need to know before pre algebra, but they just may need more practice. For example, long division is taught in lesson 122, but there are only 131 lessons. Multiplying fractions is lesson 128.

I waited until 6th grade to do RS G with my oldest. I didn't need to, though. It wasn't very hard. He learned a lot of cool things about math. However, a lot of the work in G is tedious. You need a child who loves playing around with math and will be patient about spending time on a drawing that never works out.

I switched to MM 5 after RS E for my DD. She is not learning anything new, but getting more chance to practice mathematical concepts.

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