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Which Caesar's English?

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If your signature is updated, I would start by expressing some surprise at how young your kids are to be doing Caesar's English. It is a great book, and I love sharing it with my 9-year old. But we are going at half speed and I still wonder sometimes what the point is of learning awesome vocabulary when she hardly reads Nancy Drew books. Oh well, those are my own emotions to deal with.


We are using The Classical Education Edition. It has cool pictures and really focuses on Ancient Rome and its leading figures. I can see it being a bit of an overkill. We didn't do a formal history system this year so I was glad to be able to drop a few of the essays and poems from this book in my daughter's bucket. On the other hand, if your family has a good foundation in roman history, they might love making those connections. I think the vocabulary could stand alone, but I am glad I got CEE.


My favorite thing about MCT stuff, and this doesn't change based on which edition you chose, is that the vocabulary you learn in CE will show up in your grammar book, and in the Wind in the Willows. My daughter and I think that is really great and it helps her appreciate the learning we are going when she feels stronger in another subject as a result. Yes, it is artificial, but she needs that confidence.


As far as the implementation manual, I am full of the best intentions but haven't really cracked it open much after the first month. We just read through the student manual together, I give her oral quizzes (her spelling makes us both cry) and we call it good. She did do an expository paragraph yesterday at the end of lesson 9 about Ancient Rome. It was a great experience. We found the assignment in the student manual.

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Another thing to consider is whether you want it in color.  If you want it in color than you will need the color CEE edition (it's available in B&W and color).  It's more expensive but really beautiful and could make a big difference for a child who needs visual stimulation.

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I use the B/W classical edition - I like it because it includes writing prompts (that go along with Paragraph Town), adorable Caesar's Mathematics (word problems using Roman numerals) and history.


The program does totally work without these additions. The basic version still has all the quotes from classic books and detailed discussions of the words and roots that really are the heart of the program.


I use the teacher manual mainly for the quizzes. Also included are answers to the Caesar's Mathematics, 4-level analysis assignments, the word searches and the analogies. We don't use the word searches or analogies, so really, I only need the TM for the quizzes. I find them very helpful for retention, since they are cumulative.

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