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We finished all of MP 6th grade. First Time EVER finishing ALL of our school for the year before June!!!


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She loved it.  As much as a very social young lady can like schoolwork, that is.


Here's what she really liked:

the review for math before pre-algebra  (I heard, "This is easy, I can do this, and I think I finally know this often)

the fact that mom wasn't controlling the amount of schoolwork (this was often a battle, "Mom - this is too much" etc.)

the fact that she could work ahead to finish early if she wanted to (rarely but it was there if she wanted it and that was appealing to her)



What I liked most:

clear expectations, reasonable expectations, and mom feeling like there were no gaps, challenge to keep learning in spite of what's going on daily around us all, the lesson plans kept us all on track, me included!

the workbooks were a bit much at times but she learned to answer in complete sentences with ease and to slow down and read for detail

learning states and capitals (how did I miss that before now?)

completing a level of Latin!!!!! deserves its own post!

FINISHing :)


Edited to say thank you all.  It's so hard homeschooling some years, thought it would be good for others to read success is possible too!! We talk so often about hs'ing challenges here, thought it would be good to read praises.  Anyway, thanks for cheering with us.

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