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Need help making memory work happen easier next year

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Doing MP and the recitations are very helpful but I need something more...I dunno..beautiful/visual to remind me to do it and to make reviewing easier.


I know there are systems out there that would help, I just don't know where to look anymore.  I'm not up on the latest early elementary blogs like I was when I was younger :)

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We do it very first thing as part of our miscellaneous 'calendar time' that really isn't.

I only really work on NEW memory work, then I keep a little flip book in the car. We review whilst driving around town, just here and there. I might say, "pick a poem, any poem" or choose a category. If I notice she needs work on something I might specify that.

Reviewing away from 'school time' seems to help keep school a bit shorter and the review gets done more frequently a well.

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Well do you want physical or technology?  I used a dishpan with things put in it with dd, and I've still got a dishpan with ds, hehe.  That way all the books and things for all the categories of memory work just go in the dishpan.  The IEW poetry memory book is in there, a prayer book, SMF books, that kind of thing.  It just all goes in the bin.  Open to the right page, review, next book, done.


What I struggled with for years was all those *audio* files.  That's the pesky stuff.  For that I always wanted to make playlists, and I never splurged on an iPod thing while dd was little.  Now I have an iPad, but I haven't tried using it for audio work yet with ds.  


You know the coolest thing though is all these memory work apps.  Quizlet is the most obvious.  It will play games.  It will even read the flashcard when you tell it to.  Crazy cool.  You can load in an image on one side and then have it read the Bible verse when you tap for the other side.  Interesting, eh?  Lots of potential there.  


I think I also saw an app for organizing memory work, but I could be crazy.  I'm always crazy, what are we talking about?   :lol: 


​I like having nice things to hold when we do our memory work.  Like have them do copy work with the Bible verses and then laminate them and punch and sew to make a book.  I used to photocopy and enlarge the pages with the poems and then color them and laminate.  I know, so silly, but it made it pretty and gave us something to hold up and read through together.  So if you like pretty, do pretty!  You could use google image and print a picture to paste on one side of a 5X7 blank index card and then copy work the poem or scripture or whatever onto the other side.  Then just put your growing collection into sleeves to review with the SCM (simply charlotte mason) review method.  There would be so many ways to do that.  It just makes it fun for it to be pretty.  :)

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