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R&S or LLATL for 1st grade?

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I assume you mean the R&S 2 English grammar book? If you use it as is, there is a lot of writing to it. We are using it right now (DD just turned seven), but I copy each lesson (I have a laser printer/copy machine) and have DD complete the majority of it worksheet-style. Completing it orally is another option. We just started this week, but she loves it. Having said that, this is not her first round with grammar, so I cannot comment from that perspective. We used a couple of different eBooks from Evan-Moor for first grade, which she also loved. I think FFL would be great if you can stand the scripting and monotony. I've looked at it several times and wished it were formatted differently. LLTL 1 might work for you. We used the The Wonderful Wizard of Oz portion of LLTL 2, which DD also liked, but ran into a few issues with it that I couldn't overlook, so we switched to R&S. A lot people like it, though.

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This is probably not helpful...but we are using both, although not on the same day. My son saw the R&S 2 book and wanted to start it because the older two are doing that type of grammar. ;)

LLTL Red is perhaps more spiral than R&S. We are still using Phonics & Reading Pathways (and my ds6 writes out a sentence that we've read in RP) so I will leave out the copywork in LLTL. Two different feels - R&S is more straightforward and to the point, LLTL has the stories, some spelling, some copywork, some comprehension, etc. If you have any specific questions, feel free to PM me and I'll help if I can.

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I did use LLATL for first grade.  I have to say that I liked it.  It did teach my dd to read too.  When we used it, it was not secular.  One of the books was WWJD for that year.  


This time I wanted more phonics.  I grabbed the readers from Pathway to Phonics with the workbooks and the Explode the Code workbooks.  I did move from the first set to Pathway Readers, not to confuse the names.  These readers and their workbooks are Amish content.  We have loved them, and they did a far better job.  After the initial bit of "how to read", I picked up Days Go By and More Days Go By.  I did not use the workbooks.  


Why did I switch to these readers?  They were hard covered, the stories were short and contained in one volume.  The difficulty increased gradually.  The books were small enough to tag along with us too.  The content at this level was very appropriate for dd.  These were not odd stories about Tim sitting on a pig, but rather about Peter and Andrew each wanting a dog or Susie playing dolls with her friend.  They are stories.  


While our primary text for reading this year is Treasures, I have the second grade readers too.  :)  You can never read enough.  I have dd read to me while I fold clothes, shower, etc.  This is how she gets her turn to read aloud.






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I've used R&S for my older child and like it for the grammer instruction. What about for a younger student though?


I use R&S English beginning in 2nd grade. For preschool, kindergarten, and first grade we work through Queen's Language Lessons for Little Ones. It's a very gentle introduction to language arts. The third volume we use in the 1st grade. It introduces basic punctuation and grammar, has copy work, reviews phonics, and takes about 5 minutes a day. I don't place my children at their reading ability but at their writing ability. It kept the phonics lessons as review and kept the groaning about writing to a minimum. ;)


I've also used LLTL and enjoyed our year using it. Like Queen's LLFLO, it was lovely having all the language arts in one book. :001_smile:


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