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Landscape rocks question

Shannon in TN

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I thought I might try here to see who might have a suggestion for our "problem". We have a flagstone patio (very rough and natural looking) around our firepit. We had to have a retainer wall installed and when they were finished, they had left us with a gap of mud about 12" from the flagstone we already had to the wall. Well, today, I fixed it with flagstone, small river rocks, and pea gravel. I might indulge myself in a little back patting, since I'd never done anything like it before, but I hate the way it looks right now. Because everything I installed is "new", it's a bright off-white slash against the greenish-brownish-been-out-in-the-elements-for-a-long-time color of the other flagstone. I hate it! I want to dump mud and dirt all over it, but then it'll never clean up quite right.


So, if this were your project, what would you do? Leave it to the elements to color, even if it takes years? Make buckets of muddy water to pour over it in an attempt to darken it a little bit? Dump dirt and mud over it and let the rain wash it off (which is what the guys did when they were building the wall - piled the dirt on the flagstone as they were building the wall. That area still hasn't completely recovered yet, and it's been over a month). Yeah, I know, #firstworldproblems

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