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Clarity on Hewitt's Conceptual books...

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Every time I think I've figured this out, I realize I am lost.   


Which Paul Hewitt book am I looking for? I need for 7th grade who is strong in sciences (concurrently taking Algebra 1 but strong in math), covering physics.  I think I want Conceptual Physics, but regular or "Conceptual Physics: The High School Physics Program" edition? And does edition make a difference? Help!


If it helps at all we did chem in 5th and will do it again at honors level in 9th, covered earth science this year, and will cover bio next year.  Mostly the book will be to support her science olympiad studies, but we will cover additional material as well. TIA

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Algebra isn't a requirement for either of them. The one without high school in its title is an introductory college course for non-majors. That's basically high school level, but would expect more maturity than the book written specifically for highschoolers.


I'd try asking or searching in the high school section, as that author is frequently discussed there. :)

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