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Has anyone used this? I realize it is Level B, yet am considering using it and perhaps increasing the output expectations and grading rubic to Level C. Has anyone ever taken a themed course level B from IEW and used it for 9th grade? Did you make modifications, and how did you go about doing so?




We also have Study guides for the Chronicles of Narnia, so I could possibly make it a "Literature/Composition" Course, but perhaps title it Introduction to Theological and Philosophical Concepts: A Study of The Chronicles of Narnia. I would not give it an English credit, I'm thinking of it more as an elective.


These study guides are what led me to think about this...



Am I losing it in trying to map out this high school road? :huh:  :lol: Any thoughts?



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My daughter will be taking a local lit/history/writing course with the Medieval Period book next year.  What the teacher does is to go faster and up the expectations as well as having them do other short writing assignments on what they read on top of the IEW writing.  They also do a lot of lapbooking.


So mine will get a "Medieval Literature and Writing" credit  and a "Medieval History" credit.  They also do a light art history book, and mine will get a 0.5 credit in "Art History."  Some of the parents just do "English 10" and "History 10," but I prefer more descriptive course titles!


Just some ideas.  I'm also thinking of doing a 1-semester class with both of mine using I Say / They Say. That's still being considered though.  I haven't told them yet...

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