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self instructional writing

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I think I finally get the saying about "those who can, do. Those who can't, teach." I think I do.


I can write very creatively and persuasively. It's as easy as breathing for me. Teaching my boys to write beyond their names makes me want to pull out my hair.


Are there any good self-instructional writing programs out there where I just have to be available?


Help me!! (Goes hunting for clippers)

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Yes, writing is sooo hard to teach, and my oldest DD pretty much hates writing.  We've made some progress this year, but I'm hoping to focus on it even more next year.  As far as "self-instructional," we're going to try Wordsmith Apprentice for DD10 (5th grade this next year).  It's geared toward 4-6th graders, so maybe your DS9 would like it?  In TWTM, it's recommended for "reluctant writers."  Another program I've looked into is Essentials in Writing, which is a DVD program.  We're not going to go with that one at this point.  It DOES contain a lot of grammar so, if we ever DO use it, we would probably skip that part since we do other grammar.  We'll be doing other writing outside of Wordsmith Apprentice, but that will be DD's "main" writing program for next year.

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