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Hewitt Conceptual Physics - 9e Need to start teaching immediately-Help!

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I would like to use Hewitt's Conceptual Physics 9e with my daughter.  I have several questions:


1. Does anyone have a syllabus of which review questions/exercises/problems that were assigned?


2. Is there any sort of answer key for this stuff? I cannot sort out even what to try to purchase!


3. Is there anything else that I need or that is useful/helpful?


Thanks for any help!


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Let's see....I just dug out my Conceptual Physics by Hewitt  (10th edition) to list for sale here in the classified section...so I can answer a few of your questions.  The textbook does not have the answers to any of the questions.  However, the accompanying  "Practicing Physics" workbook has the answers for the workbook pages plus the actual textbook's odd-numbered exercise section and odd-numbered problem section for each chapter.  I never had a need for the TE so I can't tell you about it. I didn't use a  syllabus but I bought this textbook and practice book used from a respected member of this forum and she had circled the questions that she had her son complete so I just assigned the same problems/exercises! 




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