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Multiplication Aids?

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We are working on memorizing multiplication facts this summer and I was wondering what kind of tools (computer apps, flash cards, gadgets, etc) anyone might have used that they found to be successful in doing this.  Thanks!

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Multiplication really tripped us up for a long time because I was just trying to drill math facts.  Instead, I needed to help them build a relationship to the numbers.  


Some suggestions that seem to be working here:

1.  First, make certain they understand what multiplication is.  Use manipulatives and items lying around the house to demonstrate and be patient.  Some kids get it right away and others need more time.


2.  Look at doing a lot of skip counting.  


3.  Also what has been helping is filling in a multiplication grid and looking at the math patterns.  


4.  And focus on the tough ones.  Maybe work just on the 4's for a few days or so.  Do skip counting by 4s.  Fill in the 4s in the multiplication grid.  Play math games using the 4s.  


5.  And do worksheets but only after they have been working with the numbers for a bit so they are working on the concept and relationships and patterns first.  


6.  Then move on to the next toughy, like the 7s.  


7.  Keep going until they have all been done then start over with filling in a new grid and doing more advanced math multiplication games along with worksheets.  


8.  Use multiplication in day to day stuff, too, like grocery shopping.  Play store.


9.   And encourage them to think of situations where multiplication may be necessary.  Help them create very basic multiplication word problems.  They dictate and you scribe.  Then you solve it while verbally walking through your thought process.  Help them anchor to the numbers.


10.  And expect that some things may seem to be mastered but may be temporarily forgotten down the road.  That's o.k.  Stay positive.  Just review again.



 I wish I had done a lot more of that when the kids were younger.


May be some ideas here, too...




Good luck and best wishes!   :)

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DS reminded me that he loves doing grids on the dry erase board and creating his own math problems to solve and he loved it when we would sing the facts of a particular number, like the 4s.  Sometimes I would sing the problem and he would sing the answer or vice a versa.  We danced around a bit, too.  :)

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