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As of today, we are officially on summer schedule!

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It feels so good! 


This year was about a month too long. 


Sagg: 2-3 (or whatever) math lessons and at least 2 hours of reading per day.

Aries: 3 passes through Xtramath and one Funnix lesson per day. 

Gem and Taurus: at least one picture book and one puzzle/school game per day

All: one chapter of a read aloud -All of a kind family right now.


Phew. Doesn't that sound easy and fun?


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Heidi, do you take breaks at different times, or are you just powering through?


Both!  We moved over seas in Jan/Feb, baby last Nov, so a lot of interruptions this year.  And we're going to power through this summer because dh is going to be deploying I want to stay busy while he is gone.  Maybe we can finish our school year before he gets back and then take a month or two vacation when he comes home.  That's the tentative plan, anyway.


In the past I have been on a typical school schedule, but this year and the following just have special circumstances.  Its ok though, we're having fun.

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