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What to use before MCT?

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We used GWG 3 (with a 1st grader).  It was good because it gave my son some familiarity with the concepts.  But the rote, repetitive nature of GWG was something that ultimately didn't work for my son and MCT was a breath of fresh air that next year.  I'm not sure how important it was that he had that experience prior to starting MCT, but I do know that MCT really worked for him.


You are probably going to want to supplement with something that teaches mechanics (punctuation, capitalization, etc) at some point while using MCT.  We found Hake Grammar to be excellent for this.

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It's only second grade...  you could just read the Ruth Heller and Brian Clearly books (most libraries have them) and play Mad Libs. :)


We also did Grammarland in 2nd grade, but now I feel like it was more than MCT in some ways (and less in others).

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DS watched Grammar Rock videos, played Mad Libs, read books by Brian P. Cleary and Ruth Heller, and made home-made books about certain of the parts of speech.


I wish that I had started Evan-Moor Daily Language Review with him earlier for mechanics practice. We started it this year and it has made SUCH a difference in basic things like starting a sentence with a capital letter and ending it with a punctuation mark. I hadn't anticipated he would need as much practice to internalize such a basic rule as it turned out he did. He needed that daily practice over and over and over to make it automatic.

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