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X-post - where to start with history/science (combining 1st, 4th & 6th graders)


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For my main question, please see the purple paragraph below. I'd appreciate your opinion on where to start the 4 year cycle.

(But if you have an opinion on anything else, that would also be great ;) )





I'm starting to plan for Ms 5 who will start 1st in January 2015 (it's a bit early, I know, but I do have a tendency to cross bridges  before I come to them).



Numeracy - We'll use MM because I have grades 1-6 and it's working OK for her brother. She's covering the MM1 material in school now, so I'm not sure whether to work through that quickly or start her on MM2. She seems naturally good at math, but I haven't done a lot with her as we just don't have the time right now. I'll probably go through LoF as well, since she is a bookworm and loves stories. We've done up to Jellybeans already, but I figure that starting again wouldn't bother her and she may get things out of it that she didn't last time around. We also have lots of math computer games which I'll let her have limited time on.



Literacy - I'd like to to WWE but I fear she might find it boring as it's quite repetitive. Because I don't want to buy more curriculum unless we really need to, it's either that or Fitzroy Word Skills 3 (she's done 1, 1x and 2 already). I'll probably mix and match a bit. Fitzroy is quite good and also includes spelling, but it does have a fair bit of busywork because it's designed for the classroom and aims to keep faster kids busy while slower kids finish the essential stuff. Also it's a linked reading and writing program, and since she's already done the reading bit, we can probably skip the pages that are comprehension of the readers as comprehension is covered with the WWE narrations. Reading: She's done with phonics, so I'll assign books at the challenge level so she continues to improve.



History / Geography / Science - still not exactly sure. I don't think I can manage to have 3 kids on different periods / sciences, but I can't figure out where to start. We've done SOTW 1 & 2 in a reasonable amount of detail, but Ms 5 can't remember much of the ancients because she was only 2-3 when we did it, and Mr 10 can't remember much because he has no interest in history. We also started SOTW 3 but the kids got sick of it, although that may have been because I didn't get my stuff sorted enough to do the projects with it. We all did Biology together a few years back, which they quite enjoyed. Mr 10 did Chemistry this year, and they have all done a bit of Astronomy but would probably be up for doing more. I'm seriously considering starting over with Ancients and Bio for all three of them. The advantage would be that they all get through everything at least once. However I'd need to come up with different enrichment activities, cause I don't want to do the exact same stuff we did before.



Music - Continue with piano, violin and basic music theory. I'd love to offer her voice lessons too, but I'm not going to because the amount of practice for 3 'instruments' would be too much for her.



Art and craft - I don't think we're realistically going to fit in regular formal sessions, but we have a ton of resources we like, so if we find it's not happening, we'll have random Art and Craft days whenever the kids need a break from other stuff.



Sport - She's not really enthused about anything but we require them all to have at least one regular physical activity. She has asked to take swimming lessons, so we'll try that to begin with and see how she goes.



Any input appreciated  :)



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If I was you I'd start over w/ancients and biology. It sounds like it wouldn't really be trodding old ground, as no on except you remembers it. I'm a sucker for beginning at the beginning, though, and for the record my future kids will fold in with their brother whether they remember or not.


Another option is a year of American history. If you did SOTW 1/2 you wouldn't have hit much of that. You could do a sort of science overview with it (BFSU? Or just an experiment book and science encyclopedia?). That would give you new ground for a year before starting your cycle over.

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