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Live online math classes offered at phil4.com - experiences?

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I was just wondering if anyone had used Dr. Chris Seberino at www.phil4.com.  He offers *live* online math & physics classes (he actually offers additional non-math classes taught by other instructors, also).


We have been using Derek Owens this year for Algebra 2.  I want to emphasize that we find Mr Owens to be an excellent, knowledgeable teacher, and I have NO complaints/concerns about him, but my son would really, really love to have the ability to interact w/ the teacher in real time.  As he explained it to me, sometimes just being able to ask a quick question for clarification is all you need to be able to move on w/ confidence.  Having to stop, email, and wait for a reply can be tedious.


Next year he will be taking Precalculus and Physics.

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