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Good news! Older son does NOT need to go back to the gastro doc, anymore!


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My older son is a super skinny kid. A couple years ago he totally fell off the weight chart and had everyone concerned. We ended up taking him to a gastro doc to rule out celiac disease among other things. She did an endoscopy and said that he had reflux so he was put on reflux meds for six months and things got better. He has been off the meds for about a year now and we just went back for a recheck. She says he is back on the charts at 5 feet 4 inches tall and 98 pounds. And is a healthy skinny kid. And we don't need to go back again unless something changes.


My son has graduated from the gastro doc. Woohooo! I am excited. He is excited. Everyone is excited. You can be excited too!

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