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How did you celebrate graduation for your child?

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We are marking it with a big, ridiculous, Pinterest-inspired party this Saturday. :) I planned to have a little ceremony and have dd in a cap and gown during it, but she said her gift was not making her do that (in reality, I got her a treasure trove of imported notebooks and a pile of office supplies as a gift.) And it probably didn't fit our "we are a homeschool, not like a real school" vibe. Instead, I am having a table with pictures from throughout dd's homeschool career, her trophies, etc., and her diploma.

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Oldest DS wanted a party, and oh my, did we ever have a big open-house style party. The weather didn't cooperate and so on Sunday in early June we had over 80 people in our home because it was over 100 degrees outside.


Youngest DS just graduated and he did not want a party or any celebration. After his last final at the CC (and he was all done with his AP test too) he asked to go clothes shopping. We headed to the outlet mall, had a wonderful late lunch, shopped for shirts, pants, shorts, shoes---all those items he felt he needed as a future business student. We finished the day with ice cream before returning home. His diploma arrived in the mail today and we'll give it to him on Friday when we go out to dinner as a family.

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Where we live, people do this weird thing with graduation "open houses" in their driveways. It seems a little odd to us, since we're not originally from here.


My daughter had no interest in an open house. We have no idea how our neighbors seem to schedule their graduation open house weekends around each other. Mind boggling.


Instead, we just went out for a nice dinner where we gave her a diploma and her graduation gifts.


My younger dd will be a different story though. She'll probably want a big party.

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We actually discussed this over the weekend because two of my oldest's friends are graduating, he has another year.


He wants to go to the big state association graduation, which means an overnight stay.  We'll probably turn it into a mini-vacation.

Then he wants the whole church (actually not that big) to come over for hamburgers and hot dogs after church.


That we can do...


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We took our older two out to dinner at the restaurant of their choice and gave them each a nice ESV Study Bible with their names engraved on them.  Then we let them each pick out a small family trip.  Oldest chose to explore a bit around his future college (Chattanooga trip).  Middle chose a couple of days in Wash DC.  Grandma came along on each.


Youngest will get the dinner of his choice (probably lunch since graduation is in the evening) and his ESV.  He isn't getting to pick his trip, but is ok with Grandma's choice of a reminiscing trip to Disney with all of us right before we drop him off at college.  We were last there together when he was 2 or 3 (though our immediate family was there once since then too).  He's happy with the choice.


None of us are "big party" people.  The kids have friends over and visit friends anyway, so there's not too much "special" about that to be honest.

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We aren't there yet, but the current plan is a small party at home, and a big trip to Disney World. 


Both of my kids are Disney freaks, so I'm sure that plan will stay in effect for the oldest one at least. It came about when they first saw 'spring break' posts on Facebook and such, and we told them that was NOT going to happen in high school, lol, but we'd take them to Disney. We were kind of joking, but they jumped all over it  :laugh:


The party at home will probably be mostly family. We are big on themed parties, so yeah, I should probably start those pinterest boards now. Maybe I'll make it Disney-themed and give her a Mickey Mouse diploma, heh heh. 


We do Disney pretty often, it's their vacation of choice, so we'll work on making the senior trips special. We'll get the table service dining plan so they can have some fun meals and take cute character pictures in their Mickey graduation ears. We'll probably take one of the tours. If we could schedule dine with an imagineer, we'd certainly do that, but we've never planned far enough ahead to manage it. 

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