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Scheduling history and science


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I am combining my older two for history and science. We are using textbooks with the plan to flesh out topics of interest. I am trying to figure out the pros/cons or if it makes any difference to how I schedule these 2 subjects. The typical schedules of both subjects every day or alternating days (MWF/TR) don't seem to work for us.

So I am thinking of these two options -

1. Doing one semester of each, daily lessons.

Or 2. Alternating units with daily lessons. So I would do a unit of science and then do a couple chapters of history.


I have figured out how many pages would need to be done each day to get it done in a year and we will have some cushion.

I just don't know if one option is better than the other for any reason.

Any advice?

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I concur with the pp. Personally,  I would not stop the flow of history after a few chapters to do a unit of science. Given those two choices I would definitely use a block schedule approach and do a semester of history and a semester of science.


Now, here, I will be trying to do the two days and three days approach with both subjects within the next few months. I have never done this before and my fingers are crossed that I find the time to get everything in!

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