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WWE 2 dropped it, should I pick it back up? Modify?

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My children loved WWE 1, so last year I kept going and we started WWE 2, using the workbook. My kids (then 8 and young 7), had an issue with remembering the dictation sentences. They really struggled with that, and it became a battle, so we set it aside after we had only finished about a quarter of the book. They were getting dictation with HOD Bigger, and the only reason I kept up with WWE is because they had loved book 1 so much. So now that it's been several months, do you think I should pick it back up? They have had alot of narration practice in HOD, and hopefully have had time to mature in these skills. I would like to get back to it, but I don't care about it enough to fight that battle every day. Anyone ever modified the way dictation is done? Thoughts? Wwyd?

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I repeated as many times as the kids needed and I did not have them repeat the dictation before they started writing.

I did have them put their pencils down and listen to the entire dictation before continuing to write, though.


It was either that - or a frustrating struggle like you described.

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