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xp with K8: anything I'm missing? K, 3rd, 5th

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copying and pasting here since I didn't get any responses on the K-8 board, and so that it's out there for more input. :)



I've gone through and pretty much decided on everything for next year. This is the first time that I haven't already gotten all the books ordered and everything by this time of year - I've just not been in a big hurry.
Anyway, I'll have a 5th grader, a 3rd grader, and a kindergartener this fall.

Pink, K:
Zaner-Bloser handwriting K
MUS Primer
Occasional ETC as she wants to, and lots of books

Astro, 3rd:
Language arts- not sure. Considering LLATL, CLE, Easy Grammar....?
Daily Grams
Zaner-Bloser handwriting 3
Spelling - again, not sure. Either continuing with AAS or trying Spelling You See...?
MUS Gamma
WTM grammar stage chemistry
Atelier art level 3
Music - meh. Classical CDs and such. 
Reading - books, obviously  :p

Link, 5th:
MUS Epsilon
Family Math/ Math on the Menu (if we can find it anywhere)
WTM logic stage ancient history
Language Arts - LLATL Purple (I think)
Wordsmith apprentice
Daily Grams?
WTM logic stage biology
Mango languages - Japanese
Religion/ethics - a world of faith
The most important thing you'll ever learn (Bible)
Art- drawing on the right side of the brain, fine art studio painting, fine art studio sculpting
Music - the young persons guide to the orchestra, the story of the incredible orchestra, the young persons guide to the opera
Keyboarding made simple
Lots of books, he loves to read

Sorry for bad capitalization - on the iPad, capitalization sucks on here. 
Any thoughts? Suggestions on the ones I'm not sure about? 

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I need to update my sig. But I am homeschooling the same grades next year. Your line up looks good. I was thinking of doing logic of English essentials for my third grader - that would take care of grammar, handwriting, spelling, phonics. That might simplify your third grade line up.


For fifth I was thinking of hake grammar and writing. Anyway, just some suggestions for streamlining your stuff.



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