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math moms- need advice! foresters or chalk dust for alg 2?

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My rising junior is ready for algebra 2- finished jacobs algebra and geometry with a solid B but with lots of hand-holding and repeating. She does fine with follow the examples, but is not very good at thinking outside the box. Kolbe recommends Foerster Alg and Trig and the MWB videos (we are enrolled) but I am reading too many posts that have me afraid Foerster will be stretching her too much- she feels pretty good about math now and I don't want to blow it!  I am considering chalk dust- I like Dana Mosely's presentation versus the white-board approach of MWB, but I don't know if there is much difference in the text. I am fine with math myself, I just have a hard time translating it to her- her right brain and my left brain clash!   Btw, she is not going into a math-strong field but will need a decent background (considering vet med). Thanks for any advice!

Lisa in MO

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I haven't used either (we did use Foerster's Algebra 1), but since no one else has replied, I'll throw out my 2c.


I think you will be fine with either.  From what I have read on these boards, they are both considered strong programs.  Choose the one you/your student think she will be most successful with.


Good luck!

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I know they are both solid, but I was wondering if  one was better for a "don't make me think too much outside the box" kind of kid, versus a program that makes a kid be very intuitive.


I don't think that foerster's is really expecting a lot of intuitive leaps -- the only math program that I really think does that is AOPS.


I think the content will be very similar in either, so you should pick the one with the better presentation/more affordable/whatever other things are required.

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