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New and EPGY question.

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I have been refered to this community as a great resource. Looking over the posts it looks like it is. I was hoping someone out there can help us. We are in the process of transitioning our kids to homeschooling as my DD6 has been frustrated with not being able to learn much at school despite being advanced to grade 1 this year. So in preparation, we have done a few free online assessments which all put her somwhere around 3rd or 4th grade for math. Since she likes online we thought to start out with EPGY open enrollment over the summer then do that with BA in Sept. So I signed up as a new location, but am not sure how to access the SSA training. I believe I would need this to make sure she is listed as gifted so she does not get bored. Does anyone know where I can access these training modules and/or how to login to make sure she is listed as a gifted learner? Also, the system began her at 0.5, I know that is way too low but not sure what level to start her at, again don't want her to be completely turned off by the system.

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The parent can set and adjust the level at any time. You can set to 3.0 if you want and if that is too easy just adjust to 3.5 or 4.0.

Your child doesn't need to be listed as gifted to advance in EPGY. The system lets you proceed at whatever speed your child wants to proceed.

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Agree.  The EPGY system will move at whatever pace you set, you can ask it to move up by half a grade at a time.  I chose not to do that with my 7 year old when he started because I was uncertain of what basic skills he might lack.  Turns out he went through 1st grade math in 2 weeks without issue.  He's now just finishing up 3rd grade math after a stall due to lack of multiplication table memorization (EPGY picked up on it and is giving additional practice).  I am very, VERY impressed with the system.  When his teacher quizzes him on what he knows, he understands the math concepts and aces her quizzes.


If they know it, EPGY figures it out and moves them along. 

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