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ACT English Scores are dismal! How to fix it?

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My ds took the ACT in April and did really well in all sections except English!   Any suggestions on what to do in the next two years (he'll be a junior next school year).  


This is the subject he has struggled with the most over the years.  He did most of Analytical Grammar this year and I thought he was finally getting it but it didn't transfer to his scores.


Can you give me some suggestions on how to improve this score?  


He's defending the score by reminding me that the proctor forgot to give them the five minute warning so it was the only section he left unfinished but we've got to get this section's score up significantly or he's going to be required to take remedial classes when he gets to college.  I'd rather do it now :)


Right now I'm thinking of running him through a Rod and Staff book next year but which one would be best?  I have the whole series sitting on my shelf.

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Has he done any practice ACTs?  My son's score went up considerably just through that specific practice.


As for grammar programs, I found that Hake (Saxon) Grammar did wonders to improve standardized test scores (for example, my younger son's capitalization and punctuation subtest scores on the ITBS went from the 25thish percentile to the 99th after using Hake for a year).

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He did a few practice tests before the big day but I'm not sure exactly how he did.  He informed me he did great on all of them and he did do much better than I expected on the other three sections.


Which year of Hake would you use for a good review of grammar or does it matter?

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My ds used R & S and scored a 35 on the English section of the ACT in 7th grade.  He always tells me the English portion of the ACT is just like R & S.  If you wanted to go with R & S, I think the 8th grade book would be fine (ds stopped grammar after this level).  To be fair, my ds used R & S from grade 4 up, so all of that information was drilled into his head for several years....LOL!!  I think you could move through the book pretty easily, skipping the writing lessons for the most part, as well as the last chapter (which is just about using the library, etc.).

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