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Blood pressure....would this concern you?


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I am feeling a bit like a hypochondriac lately so I thought I would run this by the hive. I have a feeling like there is something wrong with me, but I don't know if I am blowing something little out of proprotion or if it is my little voice, telling me to listen up!  I have sjogrens (auto immune) and some issues could be related to that.


There are lots of little quirks in my health lately so this is just one of them.  I don't want to delve in to it all, just a simple question about blood pressure and what is considered normal.


Since I was a teenager my blood pressure has been 120/80 or within a couple of numbers. I have never had BP issues, so I really don't know anything about what is normal and what is not.  Im in my early 40s, bmi of 22 and no family history of heart issues. In the past year, my blood pressure has started to fluctuate.  It is dropping to numbers like  98/75 even as low as 98/68, it is never as high as 120/80.  I can't find a correlation to exercise, standing/movement or anything predictable.  I have a stressful life and job, so a higher number would be rational, but the lower number seems odd.  I am very active and while I don't work out, I am on my feet for 30-40 hours a week at work on top of running a family. I don't have dizziness, but there are times when I just don't feel right and if I take my BP it is often in the 98/75 range. Nothing major has changed in my life this year. 


I had a physical last week and the doctor said my BP is fine and to not worry about it.  Here is my question though....I am not too concerned about the lower numbers but it seems strange that the diastolic and systolic numbers seem to be getting closer together, as close as 20 (units?) apart at times.  If I felt fine, I don't think I would notice, but something doesn't seem right in me.  


I had a physical 3 weeks ago because I am having some odd cramping in my muscles. My vit D level was discovered to be a 19, and rx vit D was prescribed. The next week, I had some abdominal pains that she thinks were ovarian cysts but were gone when I went to her her office.  I had to call wolf again, and go back to see her.  3 times in 3weeks seems like a bit much LOL especially when she already said my BP was fine.  


WWYD?  Does it seem normal to you?  Would you go back in again and ask her to.... do what? 



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As someone with low BP (usually about 100/65, and as low as about 85/50...and felt great), low BP isn't particularly concerning to me (I've had mine taken 3x in the past 3 months -- and seen everything from 118/75 to 128/80 to 106/70...of course one time I ran in, was sick and had all of the kids, #2 was having just eaten a fairly large meal, and run in with the kids, and #3 is a fasting #, having arrived early enough to not be rushed).  However, the numbers being close together does seem strange to me...a quick look on Google says that if your "pulse pressure" is large, it can indicate heart issues and if your "pulse pressure" is too low, it can indicate heart issues. I'm not a doctor -- but maybe you should ask for clarification on your pulse pressure from a doctor.  Your pulse pressure is the difference between the diastolic and systolic readings.

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