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Who's going to tackle Monday with me?

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Monday, Monday!


Clean kitchen

Laundry = make sure the scrubs top on the chair gets put in the first load.

probably school because dh has to work and it's just easier for all of us esp. since Fridays have been really light school.

Medical bills

Sign dd up for running group again

probably more stuff as I think of it.

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It remains to be seen what or who gets tackled today - we are going camping for the week!


For Today:

Last minute groceries

Pack coolers

Double check packing lists

Finish packing van

Call mom

Finish invitations, mail

Tidy house

Decide we cannot possibly be forgetting anything and if we are we will surely survive



Lunch - chicken pot pies (not home made)

Dinner - campfire hot dogs, baked beans, chips, s'mores


See you guys in a few days - take care and Happy Tackling!

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Enjoying coffee and the birds w dh while all kids sleep :)


I have to wash a load of kitchen towels today (the sun tea jug in the fridge leaked all over the place yesterday--but now the fridge is clean :lol:) and prep the food for our BBQ.


That's it :D

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Good morning!


Dd1, ds3 and dh left early for their 10k. I am happily at home with a cup of coffee. I am not doing anything today, just going to putter, read, and sew a little.


We had a great weekend.


I have to brag for a bit: dd1 made her first Junior National cut yesterday in the mile!!! She just squeaked in, but it was so, so exciting!


Have a great day, everyone!

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Good Morning!  :seeya: and It's Memorial Day  :patriot: .  I have so much respect for our men and women in uniform.  


Today--I'm hanging out with the hubster before he goes back to work tomorrow.  I've so enjoyed our long weekend together.


Hope you all have a lovely day! 



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Good morning all!  Dh has off work today so we'll be spending the day hanging out as a family and doing minimal chores/responsible things!  Once I'm done on the computer we'll be playing a role playing game with the kids called Faery's Tale.  Other than that my list is.


- at least 1 load of laundry

- help kid's straighten up their toys downstairs

-bbq at dh's aunt's house @ 4


Enjoy your day!

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Morning Girls! I won't say, "Happy Memorial Day" because somehow that doesn't seem appropriate. Maybe "Thankful Memorial Day" is better. Our town used to have a wonderful service at the cemetery, but it's not happening this year. At least there is a beautiful flag display there this weekend, still.



** laundry

** housework

** meeting with co-director regarding VBS stuff.


Have a great day, ladies!

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I have been so busy lately that I have been having a hard time even posting onto the tackle threads, but I need the extra accountability to push through my exhaustion and stick to it.  Only 5 more weeks of school and then not only are we on summer break but daycare closes for summer and all my kids leave for a while so I have to push through for 5 more weeks and then I get some reprieve.

To Do:

work 730-830

laundry especially my uniform for tonight

work 3-6 daycare
work 630-10 A&W
drop 4 kittens off at pet store, any that are not adopted by friday come back home with us
clean kitchen

fill out form for new parchment and mail to my old college
confirm appt for thursday for landscape company giving me a quote
school (thank goodness this week is the last week for the kids online lit classes and latin)-today they have homework for those classes, teens need to work on their distance ed classes, youngers language arts, all need math
start planning projects for the next 3 weeks
log onto WW and track my food and activity, and check in with challenges
menu plan
create grocery list

gather library items to return


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Lucky, hugs! I'm sorry this is a tough time for you!

Brandy, you can do it!


I have finished ....

** cleaning two bathrooms

** washed my sheets, now I need to out them back on the bed

** cleaned! dusted! vacuumed living room

** made healthy fruit and juice ice-pops for the kids. The temps are supposed to hit the century mark this afternoon. Ugh! Hopefully the ice-pops will be frozen by then, but I guess they'll still like them if they're only slushy.

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I'm sorry, Lucky! Mother would have been 73 in April and it's still so hard at times.


I didn't really have a list to tackle today, so I'll just post what I've done and add to it if I get to do something else.


Dh made pancakes this morning, and then we went for a walk. 


I took ds to swim at my best friend's house. 


Home now and having some computer time.



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Dh is off work today

He and #1 mowed the yard and did a lot of outside work

I cleaned the house from top to bottom except dusting...one day! ;)

Did laundry--still have one in the dryer and one in the washer

We finished school last week YAY!!!!

Now we are all just veggin' and enjoying some downtime.

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Lucky  :grouphug: .  


We've watched two movies and basically been lazy and it feels so nice.  


Dinner is on the grill and we will have an early dinner, watch the news, hit the hay early as we have lots to accomplish this week.



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My day went crazy so quickly I didn't even have time to check in this morning. As of yesterday morning, we had no plans for today. As of 10:30 this morning, two of my sons, their wives, 6 grandchildren and my parents joined dh and I and our twin sons for lunch and swimming! That's what happens when you have a pool and it goes into the 80's on a holiday:) 


I did get two loads of laundry done, made food for breakfast and  lunch, cleaned up, ran vac, ran dw, cleaned glass tabletops and french doors (after gc left:;)) 

Now, I get to relax:) I hope everyone had an enjoyable day with their families. 

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I'm achy and tired and grumpy.  


Made dh's dinner.  I tried a new Greek chicken recipe.  I asked dh, how did you like it?  His answer, "Was something rancid in there?"  Me (rather frostily) "No, it had yogurt on it."  Him:  "Oh, that was very good.  I thought it tasted different - either that or it was rancid."   :glare: He's fled to work.


Ds did his SAT prep (and got away without doing anything else)

Dd did math.  (and got away without doing anything else)


Dd and I went to the madhouse called the grocery store for some last minute dinner things.

Dinner is being cooked by dd and ds.


After dinner - need to do a laundry blitz and clean the kitchen again.

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Kids folded and put away laundry.

I cleaned the kitchen and have the dishwasher running.  

Dh came home unexpectedly early from work!  Nice to have him home but the hotdogs we had for dinner didn't quite cut it for him.  Fortunately I had some leftover meatballs.  Which in addition to the "rancid" chicken makes him sound picky!  But he isn't really.  

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ugh long day over.

daycare was interesting.  I have pretty much been in charge for the last 3 weeks as boss got an infection that made her go deaf.  However she catches a plane tomorrow to ontario for a funeral and will be gone for 1 week leaving me 100% in charge.  First day of that and my 3 spec ed kids were insane, 1 kid was puking in a garbage can but his mom didn't come for almost 2 hours after I called her, my own kids were insane and phoning me at work every 5 minutes, parents were asking questions about upcoming events and paying bills, staff were asking for time off this week.  It was crazy.  And then I went to my other job *eyeroll* I am beat.

kittens dropped off at pet store, WW stuff logged, menu is nearly done along with grocery list, project list is done.  School only got 1/2 done, kitchen was destroyed by kids in the 8 hours I was gone.  Missing rescue cat came back home after 3 days missing.  laundry is a never ending chore, form not filled in and library items not gathered and frankly I don't care lol I have to be up in 6 hours to go to work, I need sleep

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