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Windows to the World Question

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WTTW will provide a good foundation on how to analyze Literature. If you get Jill Pike's Syllabus that goes with it you can stretch it out to a whole credit for English & Literature. Jill add three books to the study, and has you working through Teaching the Classics for six weeks.



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We combined Teaching the Classics, Windows to the World, Speech Boot Camp, and the Elegant Essay into one year, eighth grade I think. We ended up ditching Elegant Essay at some point, because it just wasn't us. There was still plenty to do for one year when we added in our Shakespeare studies, which we started in seventh grade. I did use Jill Pike's syllabus and I think it adds a fair amount of value to WttW.


I love teaching English classes, especially the literature part. One thing I have learned in teaching my youngest is that a rigorous English path does not necessarily involve  hefty curricula and brutal pacing. Some of the pre-AP course schedules being touted in this board make me tearful. Leave some room for works you both enjoy that will generate genuine, thoughtful, conversations. The more engaged my son is with a book, the less I often require from him in the way of formal work.


Good luck! I know you'll have a good year. 

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You're not slow Lisa; apparently I didn't word it well. (Probably shouldn't be doing this when I'm so tired!)


Here's what I have for English I:


(1Credit) English – Rod and Staff Grammar 7, Rod and Staff Spelling 7, Killgallon, some WWS I, LTOW online, Grammar of Poetry


Could or should WTTW be a separate 1/2 credit or incorporated into English? Maybe I'm the slow one, but in my research regarding the program it said 1/2 or 1 full credit with the Jill Pike add-on.  I wasn't certain if I should count it as a separate course such as 1/2 credit of government.



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If you are planning on doing Lost Tools, you might want to skip the writing exercises in Rod & Staff. You may want to spread Grammar of Poetry over two years. Rod and Staff you may not want to do all of the exercise portions, just the class practice or written exercises, if you are planning on incorporating Killgallon exercises. You may want to do the grammar Killgallon so it will line up with the grammar in Rod & Staff.


Another option is to call the course Honors English. Look at what you have lined up for the other courses, you may want to drop something out of the mix.

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Since LToW essays will be written about novels, I would not try to do WttW at the same time. I also would not do Kilgallon or the Rod & Staff work. The LToW essays will cover grammar, editing, and style. LToW with Grammar of Poetry would be a good match up.

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