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Question abt growing tomatoes and peppers


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I think that depends on where you live.  I live in a Northern climate- so our growing season is limited.  I would never pinch off blossoms, as that will drastically reduce the amount of fruit I get before it frosts/freezes.


However, I do know a few people in more southern climates who do pinch off some of the blossoms.  More with peppers than tomatoes.  Does it actually help?  Even they can't say for sure, but it's something "they've always done" so continue to do.


The only time I pinch off blossoms is if my pepper plants blossom before I get them planted in the ground.   Until they're in the ground, I want their energy going to strengthening the plant as a whole- not blossom and fruit production yet.

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I think some people do that because they want the plant to continue growing a strong root and leaf system. For the same reason some people plant a tomato deeper, even planting the first set of branches below the ground. 


Personally, unless the plant looks weak, I don't pinch off blossoms (unless it's a plant from the store which is blooming before it even gets planted). I do plant tomatoes deeper though. They catch up quickly and develop a deeper root system more quickly. 

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