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Facial Affect Test

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As far as I see, the biggest indicator of ASD is that ds16 had trouble on the facial affect test.  What I'm trying to find out is how big of an indicator that is.  Is it definitive if you have trouble on that?  Can it indicate things other than ASD?  I'm googling and perhaps not doing it right because I'm not finding any answers.  Does anyone know?  

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Facial Affect is one of the tests they did with my dd and they said she actually did ok but based on information from 2 teachers and us they determined while she was able to identify in a test affect she was not able to use that information in real life thus confirming another dr diagnosis of ASD (high functioning)...I think it is one part of many and when combined with other information is accurate but is not 100% either way on its own.

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Jean, my son just completed his neuropsych evals this week as well, so I'm a newbie to all of this.  He was not found to be on the spectrum but got a diagnosis of nonverbal learning disorder (NVL).  I'm just learning about it. But he did not do well on the facial affect test, either.  People with NVL evidently have trouble reading body language, facial expressions, and social cues, similar to those with autism.  If you doubt his diagnosis, you might want to read about NVL to see if it fits him better.  NVL is not in the DSM, so some practitioners will not diagnose it.

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Jean, have you had a chance to ask questions?  


If you don't think it fits him then it probably doesn't.  At the same time -- maybe if you learn more it might.


My son had the ADOS too, but at a much younger age.  When we had it, a lot of stuff was from observation and the parent interview.  He had more than one test (also the CARS or something) and I am not really sure what was on the different tests, what information from the questionnaire or the parent interview or the observation went into it.


I do not know if a weakness on facial expressions only could make him go into the score range on the ADOS.  


I think you need to ask.  


They may have things down from the observation you are not aware of.  Or, maybe the test was not really reflective of him in some way.  


If he does have some traits that go along with Aspergers, I think the best thing is to change your idea of what Aspgergers is.  That is my personal opinion.  Change your ideas about what Aspergers is like to fit your son in helpful ways, look for information that is helpful.  Reject anything that does not fit or that is negative.  



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