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I am quite organised when it comes to planning for home education, but need to get more organised in other areas of my life. I thought about putting together a HMB, but there are a bazzillion on pinterest, which feels a little overwhelming.


Can anyone recommend a link with easy directions & good (preferably, but not essential) free printables?


Thanks so much!

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Here's another one, with printable forms right on the web site so you don't have to go tracking them down.





I heartily second this recommendation!  I've use Organized Home nearly my whole married life.  It is simple, adaptable and attractive.  There are also good articles on the site itself.

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I used to frequent Organized Home back when they had forums. I still miss those forums


I used to post in the organised christmas forum. I wonder why they got rid of them? My brain fails me now. I met a lovely lady on there called Tammy - we mailed each other Christmas magazines for a couple of years - she is in the US, I am in the UK. We lost touch, too :(

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