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Fermented CLO/ butter oil. . .moodiness?

Miss Peregrine

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One way to find out--stop taking it and see if the moodiness goes away.


How do you do with other fermented foods?  My girls have histamine intolerance and ferments definitely put them in a bad mood, among other symptoms.  It's hard when a food or supplement that is supposed to be healthy turns out not to be so for your particular body, but it can lead you to find a diet and lifestyle that really does support your optimum health.



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I've not taken the fermented kind - but take CLO daily. I love it. Aunt Flo is SO much better, I'm less achy, Mood is better. I agree with others on the fermentation. I'd take a break and see if it improves. You can always go regular CLO without the butter oil.

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We have odd reactions to supposed healthy food all the time.


For example:


Although chamomile is touted as relaxing, the tannins in it make dh jittery.  He'll be awake all night it he tries to drink a cup at bedtime, as we discovered during an already stressful trip out-of-town.


Although lavender is recommended to sooth itchy skin, it actually makes dd itchy.  She can't even have any sachet or laundry products containing lavender near her clothing.


I react poorly to the swanky, expensive types of gelatin.  They make my heart race.  Cheapo, crappy Knox is okay, though. 


The list goes on and on.  In summary, I'd ditch  what you're using since it isn't fitting your body chemistry.  Or try to just take one or the other to isolate which is the problem.  

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