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How to "message" b/t Ipod and Android?


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We bought our recently turned 15 yo dd an IPod.  This is first a "safety" device for her, one that will offer a "little" security.  And, of course, she'll socialize on it a bit. 


I understand that she will only be able to communicate in Wi-Fi hot spots.   She won't need to gain "access" with a code, right? 


She is usually always with me, but is starting to branch out some (sleep overs, walking around the block by herself are a couple examples).  Dh and I want to be able to communicate with her and she with both of us.


From my limited understanding of Ipods I see that this communication b/t Ipod and Android (dh and I both have Androids) is via:


Hangouts (text and video call)
Skype  (text and video call)


There is no way to "text" her.  Is that correct?  I like the idea of Skype.  We have it on our computers at home and we've been using it for about 5 years.   Since we know how to use Skype well I'm thinking we'll use that with dd.  Why even bother with Hangouts?  And, email is email. 


Is there around the texting issue?  Or, is there something else you can tell me?  I'd prefer to NOT have to download another program. 

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No way to message between them without an app.  You can get something simple like Talkbox.  It allows you to text or picture message, or send a voice message....kind of like a walkie talkie.  Of course it needs wifi, and it is another app, which you said you don't want. :) 

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Although I know you prefer to not download a new app, there are plenty of free texting apps available.  My son has textnow on his Nook  because he likes to text me (when I'm in the next room).  It was not hard to set up.

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